Which do you prefer, bank or crypto?


If one asks about to choose one from bank or crypto, which do you prefer bank or crypto?


I prefer bank because crypto is not accepted in my country and also we can not use crypto to buy or sell from the market.


The banks suck. Crypto is the future.

You do not own your money if its in a bank! Just like you do not own your cryptocurrency if its on an exchange. Have control of your own keys people if you want full control over your own money. Some people may find it easier to trust an exchange, however history shows that is a bad idea!


If it is about sending money to me, I’ll go for bank, simply because it is less volatile at the moment.


It depends on the context. I’m mainly in the crypto space for trading coins and earning cash. For now I use banks for storing and retrieving my non crypto currencies.


I am new to the crypto industry so a majority of my money is with the bank but I am slowly investing into crypto as I learn more.


Right now bank, but there’s a saying that we should not put all our eggs in one basket, so I’m trying crypto too.


Bank, we don’r know what the future will bring with crypto. but worth taking the risk.


Using crypto only to buy and sell quickly, I currently don’t keep any large money on crypto due to volatility.