Whats the best ICO to invest in 2019?


Hey guys I am looking for the next big ICO. I am looking for a 50-100x and will keep doing my research till I find one.

BlockChain IO looks promising. What do you guys think?


I think Cardano and Ethereum will be the most successful in 2019 and we should pay attention to them. Also If look deeper into it hard right now to make a choice. I would probably invest in Zcash, Elastos or Red Pulse.


I said ICO not coin! ICO’s are initial coin offerings. Ethereum and all the coins you mentioned are way past ICO stage!

Educate yourself below


Every year global economic growth will increase, but do not know why, and what are the factors, 2018 the global economy has declined.

I am sure that the 2019 economy will return to normal, both globally and cryptocurrency. I am sure of that.


I am looking very heavily into Co Trader. Although I dont plan to hold for long, im hoping it will hit 1.50$ and cash out.


How about FlipNpik? Sounds good to me as it has wonderful reviews.