What Is Blockchain Technology?


What Is Blockchain Technology?


With blockchain’s potential to radically transform, expedite, cheapen and secure the way we exchange money, conduct business, maintain medical records and even vote, we may indeed be living in the early days of the internet, left one day to wonder how we ever lived without it.


Blockchains are consensus-driven. A large number of computers are connected to the network, and to reduce the ability for an attacker to maliciously add transactions on the network, those adding to the blockchain must compete to solve a mathematical proof.


You can think of blockchain as a distrubuted database. The database is shared and replicated over many computers all over the world to ensure the intregrity of the data!


Thats an extremely broad question that has been answered time and time again.

Here’s an interesting article explaining most of the basics.


From my understanding Blockchain is the underlying architecture that handles all crypto currency transactions. It is the foundation for a decentralized currency.


Informative thread, I had better understanding of Blockchain.