What is an initial coin offering all about? which is the best ico to invest?


Hi to All. I was just going through cryptocurrency on internet. I was excited to that there are currently more than thousand different types of crypto currencies in the market.

I am a beginner in Crypto Currency field. Would like to know more about Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and which would the best ICO to invest now. Would be interested to know more about it.

Thanking you,


Hi HERNANDE! There’s actually a lot of good ICOs that you can invest but i would suggest for newbies like us to read MyShield’s whitepaper first, a decentralized anti-scam platform, it would be a big help. I’ve read in the articles that many tricksters are relying on very low-tech deceptions, like sharing fake ICO wallet addresses on social media in the hope that investors will simply send their funds to the wrong account, so we should be more vigilant about it. I suggest, you should make a thorough study on the ICO that you are going to invest first and seek help to an expert team like MyShield. Good luck!


The world strongly shakes. You can invest in popular currencies bitcoin or eth. Now it will be profitable. What can I say about the projects ICO? I think to you no one will answer this question. You need to learn a lot of information, conduct your own analysis and select a project ICO to invest. I want to draw your attention to the fact that many scammers organize projects. When you decide on your project ICO, learn the information about it on the forums. Information about scammers spreads quickly though often there are already victims.