Is Tone Vays Russian? The Youtuber


Hey guys I have been watching Tone Vays lately. He seems to have an accent and it seems Russian. Anyone know where he is from? Is Tone Vays even his real name?


Tone Vays worked on Wall Street for pretty much ten years beginning as a Risk Analyst at Bear Stearns and later changing into a VP at JP Morgan Chase within the aftermath of the 2008 monetary crisis. His experience is in Economic Trends, mercantilism and Risk Analysis. Ever since obtaining concerned within the Crypto Currency scheme in early 2013, he has been terribly active in spreading the relevancy and importance of this technology because it helps promote economic freedom. Tone maintains a private web site LibertyLifeTrail and host of the Podcast - CryptoScam. Tone holds a Masters Degree in monetary Engineering from Florida State University beside Bachelor Degrees in arithmetic and earth science .


I don’t believe he is Russian as he has spent a majority of his life in the States.