Do you still want to wait for the bull market?


On September 18, the digital currency market as a whole declined. Nineteen of the top 20 currencies of Citicoins’ trading volume showed a downward trend, with a large decline, ranging from 2.96% to 11.62%. Among them, Dogecoin fell less, with a decrease of 2.96%. VET- only declines in the chain, with a drop of more than 10%. BTC fell slightly today and is now adjusting around $6,260. Among them, BTC global average price of 6627.23 US dollars, a decrease of 3.82%; ETH current price of 196.87 US dollars, a decline of 11.31%; BCH price current price of 417.64 US dollars, a decrease of 8.48%; EOS current price of 4.83 US dollars, a decrease of 10.96%; XRP current price of 0.2722 US dollars, the decline It is 3.4%.


As far as I am concerned, I am waiting and I believe in reflection at a minimum level of 9,000. Now there are just too many people investing, big companies and capitals are entering.


I think BTC had its bull run and any further bull run would not be as large.