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You have to keep in mind most sites have biases including this site. It’s unavoidable. Some news services are owned by crypto exchanges that only sell certain coins or that have large investments in certain coins. Coindesk is owned by [DCG] which owns Coinbase and a lot of XRP for example. My company, Blockchain Web Group, is not affiliated with any other site or service. But our authors will still have biases and own certain coins.

Use multiple sites and make decisions based on more than one source and you’ll be fine.


I had a recent argument or more of a discussion with a friend over the recent move by Twitter to ban cryptocurrency ad. I think this move is great because of late I have seen a lot of people fall for flashy ICO ads with shallow promises. While my friend thinks that these moves by Twitter, Facebook and Google will hamper the growth of cryptocurrencies but I personally think such moves will help the genuine folks in stealth building of their projects and since these projects add value, I am sure, they will eventually see the light of the day. What do you guys think?